Fluids Analysis Lab - Scheduled Oil Sampling & Ferrography

Fluid analysis is used to read the condition of components based on the types and amount of contaminants found in fluid samples. Caterpillar® Certified full service fluid analysis lab has an experienced staff that can perform diagnostic testing and provide interpretation of test results. Scheduled Oil Sampling (S•O•SSM) can help to identify engine, cooling and hydraulic system internal problems early, before they cause real damage. Regular S•O•S testing may help detect potential component failures before they occur.

Ferrography Analysis

Venequip now offers Ferrography Analysis, the most comprehensive and powerful diagnostic tools available in fluids analysis testing. Ferrography Analysis is an advanced process to isolate and examine microscopic wear and contaminant particles in fluid samples. Particle size, surface characteristics and metallurgy are then used to determine wear modes so that maintenance recommendations can be made.

Ferrography test results can offer a clear picture of the exact cause and severity of abnormal engine or component wear and is recommended if a trend of high contamination is reported over multiple standard S•O•S samples. Click here for more details.

Fluid analysis is a key component to maintaining the health of your equipment. Implementing Venequip's scheduled oil services will:

  • Drive down costs.
  • Limit down time.
  • Improve productivity.

With S•O•S you get:

  • Accurate analysis using tests designed by Caterpillar for Caterpillar products.
  • Knowledgeable interpretation—we know Cat products best.
  • Quick turnaround—usually in 24 hours or less.
  • Recommendations in understandable language. We help you decide the best course of action.

Venequip offers efficient and innovative ways for you to obtain your results as soon as samples are processed in the lab. Our trained personnel will:

  • Provide recommendations based on your sample results.
  • Help you take action to avoid catastrophic failures or downtime
  • Help you provide maximum protection using S•O•S Oil Analysis and S•O•S Coolant Analysis for all your oil lubricated systems and cooling systems.

S•O•S measures wear in specific components by determining the amount of wear particles in the oil from that component. An Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer accurately and consistently identifies the parts per million of wear elements in the oil being sampled. Elements that can be detected include iron, aluminum, silicon, copper and chromium. Other tests detect fuel dilution, water and anti-freeze, and measure viscosity.

Our computer system was upgraded and conversion to a web based software system, which provides real time sample results online. To be more environmentally friendly Venequip is now recycling cleaning chemicals, reducing the cost of new chemicals by 75 percent and making less of an impact on the environment.

Venequip also is a central certified S•O•S testing facility able to perform trend analysis. Trend analysis reflects how a machine is operating over a period of multiple oil samples. You can be assured that your oil is being analyzed the same way every time. And, Venequip's access to the Caterpillar database of oil sample results will enable us to see the history of samples for a particular machine, regardless of where previous oil samples were tested.

Mandatory requirements of Caterpillar extended powertrain, powertrain & hydraulics and total machine warranties require machines be enrolled in a certified fluids analysis program that meets Caterpillar qualifications. Samples must be taken, processed and analyzed at prescribed intervals. S•O•S sampling also is required to remain eligible for extended coverage agreements. With many machine models we supply, we provide S•O•S at no cost.