• Renting allows you to use the equipment that best suites your needs in order to obtain the best yield and performance both in time and money in your operation.
  • With only a portion of the acquisition value of a machine or generator, you can have the service and benefits of a machine by the beginning of your operations or to take care of an emergency.
  • Unlike the equipment you own, the rented equipment can be replaced immediately if it breaks down during operation. (*).
  • With the rented equipment there is no need to have your own shop, mechanics or spare parts, since we take complete care of the preventive and corrective maintenance as required by the machine.
  • The rental of a piece of equipment has a financial effect on your financial statements since they are shown as an expense and not as an investment or a liability, which improves your future borrowing capability and offers also a benefit in terms of fiscal credit.
  • You get the equipment you need, when you need it:
    • Availability
    • Cost Reduction
    • For a Limited Time
    • Fiscal Credit
    • Specialized Equipment
    • Technical Support

(*) Subject to availability of substitute equipment and type of failure occurred