If you have rented a machine or if you are considering to rent one, please take into consideration the following recommendations:

  1. Check all oils levels on a daily basis before you begin operations.
  2. Blow off the air filters every day.
  3. Check the air pressure on the tires every day.
  4. Lube all the grease fittings on a daily basis in order to avoid wear on bushings and pins.
  5. Do not use the equipment for operations not recommended by the manufacturer. A bad operation of the equipment (to carry out non recommended tasks) causes damages to machine components and personal injuries.
  6. Keep fuel and lubricants in dry and clean areas to avoid their contamination. This will, logically, preserve the different components.
  7. Remember to change the cutting tools when they have approximately 20% life remaining to avoid damages to supports and loss of money.
  8. Check the tension on the undercarriage chain on a daily basis and clean the mud around the frames to avoid wear in rollers, bushings, pins and segments.