The Caterpillar and Mak marine engines cover a broad span of needs, from propulsion motors and marine power plants up to marine auxiliary systems.

The line of Mak products offers propulsion engines on the power ranges from 1.368 to 21.456 BHP and power plants from 970 to 4320 ekw. The most common markets that are covered are: cargo ships, tankers, towboats, passenger cruisers and work boats.

The line of CAT products offers propulsion engines from 125 to 9652 BHP and auxiliary engines from 11 to 5200 ekw. The most common markets covered are: fishing boats, pleasure yachts, fishing boats, cargo ships, tankers, tow boats, passenger cruisers and work boats.

Venequip has integral solutions of marine packages, both for propulsion and auxiliary, for Venezuela and the Caribbean.

The supply includes:

  • Installation design and engineering
  • Marine transmissions
  • Power generators
  • Classification
  • Control Panels
  • Water jet propulsion systems
  • We also offer specialized technical service foe the preventive and corrective maintenance in the different marine systems.