At the present time, there are technologies available that allow us to generate power and electricity using relatively small installations with respect to the conventional ones and at a lower cost per generated MW, in applications that will benefit the ultimate user, the electrical system or both, located very near the users’ area. This application is known as distributed generation, and counts with the following characteristics and features:

  • Modular systems.
  • Plug and Play concept.

Benefits Produced y the Distributed Generation.

  • Generation of power near the area where it will be used. This implies less energy losses in the generation and distribution system.
  • Allows for the co/generation at the place where the energy will be used, optimizing energy efficiency.
  • Allows for the use of the fuel that may be available right in place: natural gas, LPG, diesel oil, kerosene, heavy fuel, etc, as well as the fuels which are disposed of from other systems, such as gasses generated from garbage (landfills), biogas, etc.
  • Higher reliability of the generated electricity supply.
  • Less environmental pollution.
  • No large initial investment is required. The investment is required as the energy demand increases.

Venequip’s Offer.

Regardless of the MW capacity required by an oil company, public company or an industrial manufacturer, Caterpillar electrical power generators can satisfy your needs. They can provide you with reliable energy, timely and at a lower cost than any other system.

Permanent Generation Temporary Generation
  • Self Generation.
  • Back up Energy.
  • Projects "LLave en Mano".
  • Equipment from 7kw to 15 kw.
  • Medium Speed Engines.
  • MW’s on Wheels.
  • Modular Construction.
  • Equipment from 1MW up to 15 MW.
  • Project range from 1 – 300 MW.
Available in: Diesel, Natural Gas and Heavy Oil.