Mining is a very demanding activity. Caterpillar understands the mining client’s challenge and provides real solutions that turn into a greater productivity at a lower operating cost.

Venequip offers the Venezuelan mining industry all of the Caterpillar’s equipment, world leader in earth moving machines. Some of the advantages of CAT equipment for the mining operation are:

  • New equipment manufactured with intelligent components for a better performance and productivity.
  • New integrated control systems that will help the operator who has no experience to produce like an experienced one.
  • Computer assistance tools in earth moving that improve the productivity and profitability of mineral extraction.
  • A new generation of monitoring systems that help managers make better decisions.

All of this and much more is what Caterpillar represents in the mining industry.





Wheel Tractors

Your Venequip Dealer has the best CAT option at the lowest cost per ton.