Venequip, following the needs of our clients has made available to them the widest variety of Electrical Power Generation, offering them basic solutions in self-generation or stand/by, with a unique support for parts and service nationwide.

Through its distributors world wide, Caterpillar has become one of the main suppliers of reliable energy to its clients for more than 75 years, and among the first suppliers of electric power generating equipment in the world. These pieces of equipment can provide between 5 and 15.710 Kw, in different voltage levels and with different fuels: diesel, gas and heavy fuel oil. (HFO).

Venequip, keeping up with the needs of its customers, makes available for them the widest range of electrical power generating equipment, offering them basic solutions in self/generation or in back up, with the unique nationwide spare parts and service support that Venequip can offer.

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