Mini Hydraulic Excavator

The limited working space on the job and its reduced transportation costs turn these machines into a great value for contractors. When the capacity of a backhoe is required on a job site with space limitations or with soft ground conditions, the CAT Mini Hydraulic Excavator are the solution.

Mini Hydraulic Excavator
Model Engine Model Net Power (hp) Maximum Excavation Depth (mm)
Mini Hydraulic Excavator
301.6C Mitsubishi L3E 18.1 2320
301.8C Mitsubishi L3E 18.1 2320
302.5C Mitsubishi S3L2 24.9 2930
303C CR Mitsubishi S3Q2 29.5 3200
303.5C CR Mitsubishi S3Q2-T 38.9 3450
304C CR Mitsubishi S4Q2 41.6 3690
304C CR Mitsubishi S4Q2-T 46.9 3890