Skid Steer Loaders

The CAT skid steer loaders offer an excellent performance, versatility, ease of operation, easy service and customer support. There is a wide range of CAT tools that can be adapted to the CAT mini – loaders to satisfy any requirement the customer may have.

The multi terrain loaders, similar in their top structure, operator’ s station, arm lifting and quick coupling, share many of their implements, but with a rubber undercarriage system, suspended, which provides them with less pressure on the ground and a more powerful traction.

Model Engine Model Net Power (hp) Operational Capacity (Kg)
Skid Steer Loaders
216B Cat 3024C 49 635
226B Cat 3024C T 57 680
232B Cat 3024C 49 793
236B Cat 3044C DIT 70 793
242B Cat 3024C T 57 907
246C Cat 3044C DIT 73 975
248B Cat 3044C DIT 76 907
252B Cat 3044C DIT 70 1134
256C Cat 3044C DIT 82 1066
262C Cat 3044C DIT 82 1225
268B Cat 3044C DIT 76 1225
272C Cat 3044C DIT 90 1474
Multi Terrain Loaders
247B Cat 3024C T 57 885
257B Cat 3024C T 57 1047
267B Cat 3044C DIT 70 1315
277C Cat 3044C DIT 82 1457
287C Cat 3044C DIT 82 1748
297C Cat 3044C DIT 90 1920