The undercarriage represents a significant portion of the operations and maintenance costs in a chain tractor. That is why it is so important to choose the most adequate undercarriage for the specific application and working conditions, and then administer it while it lasts in order to obtain the maximum yield on the investment. You can count on your CAT Dealers to reach this objective.

CAT special chain service.

CAT's undercarriage systems have been manufactured to offer the longest life possible at a lower operation costs. Our Special Chain Service program will help you meet your objectives. Using the diagnose equipment, we supervise and determine the wear rate on the component. With this information we can help you maintain and evaluate the most economical repair option. With the same information we can schedule the maintenance instead of facing non-scheduled downtime and expensive repairs.

CAT undercarriage selector.

Besides the CTS program, the undercarriage selector has been designed for those customers who are considering buying a SystemOne undercarriage. The selector allows the product support representatives to introduce specific information concerning the operation conditions and the hour history for each client. The selector graphically illustrates the cost per hour advantage of SystemOne as well as the increase in life of the undercarriage. Clients receive a summary and a detailed report which includes the downtime, the maintenance costs and the parts for SystemOne and other undercarriage options.