Chain group and link assembly.

In SystemOne, the chain group and the link assembly have a very resistant design that can withstand high impacts and lasts significantly more than other undercarriages.

The chain has two sections in the box: two inner links mounted on two cartridges. Each section in box is linked to the next by a couple of external links. All links — internal, external, right and left — are exactly the same. The only difference is the orientation.

In the very unlikely situation that a cartridge requires servicing, three shoes and four external links are taken down, and the complete in box section is replaced, right there on the spot. The machine can go back to work very quickly, drastically reducing downtime.

SystemOne does not need a master link. With special tools, the chain can be disassembled in any position. However, if you prefer to do so, a master link option is offered, and the new design is more resistant than the previous master links.

Drive wheel.

Just like the center thread idlers, the drive wheels in SystemOne will last 2 or 3 times more than the chain. The long lasting segments and the new cartridge make it possible.

The owners of SystemOne don’t need to buy 2 segments of drive wheels per chain set. The result is a significant savings.