The drastic reduction in maintenance and operation costs of the SystemOne undercarriage systems are not just a simple estimate. It is a field proven reality.

During a period of three years prior to being released to the market, SystemOne was tested on different jobs with different clients and different working environments, applications and conditions. There were more than 150 machines, D4 and D6, all over North America and Europe. SystemOne exceeded all expectations with a cost reduction in operations and maintenance between 35 and 70%, less maintenance and less downtime in virtually all applications and working environments.

The pre-production machines equipped with SystemOne worked for more than 150,000 hours in a wide variety of applications and working environments, including: forestry, cleaning, road construction, side sloped surfaces, precision leveling, quarries, mines, sand, gumbo and more.


By the end of the initial data analysis in the fall of 2004, no breakdown had been recorded. Not a single link and not a single component.

A total of 150 SystemOne undercarriages were analyzed and evaluated using Special Chain Service (CTS). Most of the machines offered a 50% improvement or more with an average gain of 90%.

A construction client in Florida, for example, used to get 2200 hours with a heavy duty undercarriage, but we estimated that SystemOne will give him 5613 hours, which represents 155% more. This represents a reduction in costs per ton from $10.74 to $4.04.

Cost per hour.

In the field tests, SystemOne greatly reduces the maintenance requirements and increases life significantly. The net effect is an improvement on productivity and a drastic costs reduction for operation and maintenance costs between 35 and 70%. The results of this chart show a series of savings per hour in different applications.

Location Application Heavy duty undercarriage (cost per hour) SystemOne undercarriage (cost per hour)
South Carolina Forestry $12,48 $4,74
Alabama Road construction $7,41 $3,68
Canadá Bitumen sands $7,90 $4,26
Florida Dams construction $10,78 $4,04
Georgia Landfill $5,93 $2,63
Michigan General construction $5,27 $2,52