Why buy SystemOne instead of a traditional undercarriage or a competitor's?

In practically all possible applications, environments and ground conditions, CAT's SystemOne undercarriage system offers a longer life and reliability than any other undercarriage available. The SystemOne undercarriage, with more than 24 patents, has proven to provide 50% or more life for many clients, simultaneously reducing operation and maintenance costs of the undercarriage between 35 and 70%. Caterpillar is the only manufacturer of original equipment (OEM) in the world that designs its own undercarriage system. Many design engineers and testing are dedicated exclusively to gather the opinion of the clients and to apply the information to design an undercarriage for CAT machines, thus providing equipment owners the solutions they need in order to be successful.

Has SystemOne's efficacy been proven?

Since 2003, more than 200 pilot machines have been used in different jobs both in North America and Europe. We have accumulated up to 350 thousand hours of data on those machines. The collected data tells us that on the average, clients receive more than twice the durability they normally get from a standard undercarriage. The data also shows that clients report between 35 and 70% reduction in operation and maintenance costs.

Does CAT offer a guarantee on this System?

At Caterpillar we believe in our products and we meet our commitment for reliability and low operational costs. Our coverage guarantees the life and leadership in industry of SystemOne, and offers a 4 year coverage or a number of hours established by the distributor (maximum of 6000 hours), depending on the duration of the previous undercarriage.

Why has Caterpillar totally redesigned its undercarriage system? Wasn't it enough to change one or two components?

By redesigning the complete system and not just a couple of components, Caterpillar has been able to offer significant benefits for its clients, including the need to eliminate the rotation of pins and bushings. SystemOne wears as a system because the components have been adapted in a way to allow them to wear at a uniform, controlled and predictable speed. To solve the problem of just one part in the system wouldn’t have allowed a jump in reliability and productivity for the owners of the equipment. And the reason is that, for example, if you were offered a more resistant bushing without changing the segments and the rollers of the drive wheel, the result would have been a different wear rate between complementary components. In this case, the durability of the seal would still be a problem and a harder material would cause a higher wear on other components.

Why a cartridge design?

The new cartridge design offers an integral improvement of the seal since the new sealing system dos not depend upon the interface of the link to maintain the seal. The links of the cartridge are sealed at the factory and welded, avoiding the loss of compression of the seal. The cartridge can handle, better than any other system, the loads produced by the undercarriage.

What are the advantages of the straight link?

The straight links are stronger. They distribute the loads more efficiently, reducing the pressure on the links.

Why have the rollers been changed?

The rollers have a larger diameter at the external lip, which provides an optimal guidance and extends the life of the rollers, to adapt it to the life of the chain.

Does the number of seals affect reliability?

The number of seals does not affect the sealing capacity. As in the undercarriage itself, the seals work as a group, as a system. The patented technology that is present in the SystemOne cartridges greatly reduces the possibility of leakages when compared to the 2 seal system.

Why do the upper rollers in SystemOne last longer?

A larger diameter provides a longer life that adapts better to the life of the system.

What is a guide roller with a central running band? Does it work?

The guide roller not only makes contact with the bushings and not with the links, which eliminates the scalloping of the link. The guide roller lasts longer because it makes contact with a rotating bushing instead of the rail of a link. As the contact between the guide roller and the link rails is avoided, the scalloping is greatly reduced and improves the shock absorbing capacity of the machine.

How can I tell that SystemOne is the best option for my application and working conditions?

The distributor's sales representative has a program that can calculate the cost of the SystemOne undercarriage as compared with the traditional CAT undercarriage and the competitor's as well, depending on the conditions and the normal wear rate.

I have heard that SystemOne costs more than the traditional undercarriage; therefore, the real savings are not in the order of 35% to 70%.

The cost of the undercarriage itself as well as the other costs associated with the adaptation of the machine have been included in the 35 to 70% savings that we make reference to.

What happens if I have to take out the chain to repair it? Will I be able to do it by myself or will I have to use special tools?

It should not require any maintenance, but we know that perhaps you will need to access other components. In the very unlikely event that you may have to take out the chain, as it may happen with any other undercarriage, the chain can be opened using its own portable press or one from the distributor. The equipment owners who have had to separate the chain have told us that they are normally back up and running within one and a half hours.

We also offer the new safety mater link for those clients who don’t want to purchase special tools. The safety links can be taken off quickly with simple low cost tools.