Superior undercarriage systems for hard work.

The Caterpillar undercarriage components work as a powerful system to propel your machine over any kind of terrain. Since the introduction of the first track tractor in 1925, Caterpillar has continuously innovated and improved the quality of the undercarriages. High quality materials and a carefully monitored manufacturing process, ensure that the components of the undercarriage are long lasting and reliable, and that will wear at a controlled and balanced rate. Longer life and a manageable and predictable wear imply that you will get a maximum yield of your undercarriage at the least operational cost possible.

Hardened links for long life and excellent sealing.

Special thermal processes give the CAT links a consistent surface hardness, a greater depth of hardening and a greater internal strength. This results in an excellent resistance to wear as well as strength and durability for the best sealing and a long life.

Rollers manufactured for a long life and excellent sealing.

Cat rollers are also well hardened for a long life and resistance to wear, a unique structural support that provides great resistance to deformations. CAT's Duo-Cone seals help ensure a permanent lubrication, they also allow for re-sleeveing and reduce costs.

Hardened segments to improve resistance to wear Segmentos

A very high surface hardness, a good hardening depth and hardening of the centers, will imply that CAT segments provide a long life, resistance to bending or breaking, and a maximum retention. The pinnable design type reduces replacement time.

Pins and bushings form a team with the links to provide resistance and sealing.

CAT's bushings and pins are dimensionally matched to the links to provide an excellent integral traction. This design ensures a maximum sealing. The high hardness of the surface and the center provide higher strength and resistance to wear.

Seals designed for a long life and low costs.

To keep the abrasives out and the oil in, the rigid design of the seals from Caterpillar combine resistance to wear and protection from loads. The result is a "wet" joint at the time of turning, which will extend its life and reduce costs.

Guide wheels manufactured to obtain higher resistance to wear and less downtime.

Whether they may be cast, forged or manufactured, CAT guide wheels provide a superior structural support as well as re-building capabilities. Special thermal treatments ensure the adequate hardness levels providing a good resistance to wear. The “Duo-Cone” seals help ensure a long life lubrication, eliminating frequent roller maintenance and providing lower operational costs.

Temper hardened shoes for a greater resistance to wear.

Caterpillar shoes are furnace hardened and tempered to obtain the required resistance to bending and breakage. We offer a variety of shoe options to satisfy any requirement of your working environment.