Sealed track.

This system was developed to reduce the wear and to lengthen the life of the components through the elimination of abrasives between pins and bushings. The design represented an important breakthrough towards the development of sealed and lubricated tracks.

  • They work better with machines where displacements are not a priority.
  • It is a low cost alternative vs. lubricated and sealed track.

Sealed and lubricated track.

This is a proven design and an industry’s standard; it is a universal track option.

  • It functions better in low to moderate abrasion and with low to moderate impact conditions.
  • It is ideal for a wide range of terrain conditions.

Positive pin retention chains.

This system features an exclusive CAT design that withstands the slack at the end of the link, increases the sealing capacity and maximizes the life of the chain.

  • It works better in high impact environments and high load conditions.

Rotating bushing chain.

The rotating bushing chain is a sealed and lubricated chain that allows the bushing to rotate as it is moved by the sprocket, reducing the wear on the bushing; it also avoids the need to rotate the bushings and the related costs.

  • Works better in areas with moderate to high abrasion and low to moderate impact conditions where the system’s life is 4000 hours or less due to wear.
  • Ideal to work in sandy and abrasive terrains.

Heavy duty sealed and lubricated chain.

This track is specially designed to increase the pin and bushing retention, increasing the contact area between the pin and the bushing, or between the bushing and the link. The presence of more wear material since there is more contact area brings as a consequence a longer life.

  • It works better in moderate to high impact conditions.
  • It is ideal for deforestation jobs, rocky conditions and any kind of irregular terrain.

Extended life undercarriage.

The components of the Caterpillar Extended Life Undercarriages will help you get the most out of the two major investments you make in a track tractor: the maintenance and repair of the undercarriage.