Expert administration in order to make your system last.

The CAT undercarriage systems are built to last longer at a lower cost of operation. Our Special Chain Service (CTS) will help you reach these objectives. Using ultrasonic equipment for diagnostic purposes, we monitor the behavior and performance in order to predict the wear rates. With this information we can help you plan your maintenance and evaluate the lowest cost repair option. This will allow you to program the service or repair without incurring into high cost non-scheduled repairs.

Special chain service.

It increases the value of what is put into the system. Caterpillar provides value and durability for each undercarriage system, balancing factors such as raw materials, thermal treatment processes and the quantity of wear material. Since Caterpillar has control over these processes, the components of the undercarriage system will wear at a predictable rate. We will help you get the greatest advantage from this system with our broad experience on the managing of the system and its planning.

Provides a fast and precise analysis.

In order to carry out a good maintenance program and good repair decisions you need timely and accurate information. Through the use of an Ultrasonic Wear Indicator, we can accurately assess the condition of your undercarriage, quickly, so that you can put your machine back to work with minimum downtime. We can download the information electronically to our computers which will ensure a fast and error-free information transfer. Afterwards, using our CTS program we can analyze the data and prepare extrapolations in terms of cost per hour for a variety of service options.

Make fundamental decisions.

We use the CTS reports to make service recommendations. Together we can decide the best course of action that best fits the planned requirements for your equipment. By programming the maintenance jobs we avoid unscheduled downtime.

Save time and money.

CTS will help you administer your undercarriage at lower costs thanks to:

  • Increase in the value of the undercarriage components.
  • Reduction of the inspection time of the undercarriage.
  • Provide a quick and accurate analysis of the information concerning the undercarriage.
  • Allows making solid decisions regarding the maintenance.
  • Planning your service jobs for your equipment planning needs.

Make your undercarriage last.

  • Use the narrowest shoe possible.
  • Minimize high operation speeds in non-productive situations.
  • Alternate the turns (left and right).
  • Adjust the tension on the chain using the right calibration for your working environment.
  • Inspect your equipment and components on a daily basis.
  • Keep your undercarriage free from mud and debris.