Caterpillar drives components are built strong and can frequently be reused and repaired. The capacity to reuse and repair drive components results in low costs of operations and maintenance for you. CAT dealers have great knowledge about drives and their rebuilding. Put together this experience the distributor has with the product support from Caterpillar and you will obtain an equally good service and support.

The engineers who work as CAT service support, work on a daily basis with the distributors to ensure that they are using the most updated diagnose and repair techniques. As a matter of fact, drives show noticeable symptoms sometime before the damage occurs; therefore, to know these symptoms and to react on time, will save time and money. The analysis of our S.O.S. samples, the repair indicator evaluations and the results obtained from technical inspections can be used to predict the life of the component.

Con estos conocimientos, el distribuidor CAT puede ayudarle a mantener sus máquinas en funcionamiento y ahorrar tiempo y dinero. De hecho, la reparación antes de avería puede permitir que su equipo vuelva al trabajo antes, costar hasta cinco veces menos que las reparaciones después de avería, y programarse para cuando le resulte más conveniente.

With this knowledge, the CAT distributor can determine the best repair options according to your needs; that is, before or after the breakdown. When the repairs are done, the CAT distributor offers a wide range of replacement components options. The repair options include reutilization, the distributor repair, the distributor’s component interchange, and the drives remanufactured components. Exchange and remanufactured components will offer the same performance with a 20 to 50% lower cost.