Venequip offers a wide variety of product options to adapt to your machine and budget. Our engineers are constantly looking for ways to design parts that last longer and work more in your machine.

Antifriction bearings "with texture".

The low speed and large loads places a great challenge for the bearings due to insufficient lubrication. In many standard bearings in industry, small pieces of material will come loose from the surface. The bearings with texture have an exclusive surface that allows for better adhesion of oil to the pattern. The oil remains longer on the surface with texture in the bearing when compared to other standard bearings and therefore, the life of the bearing is increased.

This design of a surface with texture is an exclusive Caterpillar technology and it is not offered through bearing distributors. The bearings with a texture are used in all Caterpillar products in applications such as gear boxes, differentials and final drives. These bearings have proven to satisfactorily eliminate the flaking of the bearing and providing twice the normal life in Caterpillar machines applications. The texture surface technology is found in needle bearings, cylindrical bearings and in Caterpillar conical roller bearings.

Antifriction bearings withstand debris.

The bearings are debris resistant due to an exclusive heat treatment and special characteristics of the material to create an extremely resistant bearing surface. The highly resistant bearing surfaces are resistant to debris and act as shock absorbers for the pressures caused by the contaminants in the oil and prevent the presence of cracks. The debris resistant bearings provide up to twice the life offered by standard bearings in industry in extreme applications. This is an important factor to obtain the balanced life of the component. The debris resistant bearings are frequently used in wheel drums for trucks, as well as wheel loaders and in planetary transmissions of chain tractors. This new technology is exclusive of Caterpillar bearings and it is not offered through other bearing distributors.

Final drive gears.

The Caterpillar gears have been manufactured using the CBN grinding system combined with a specialized process for heat treatment. Our gears have a superior surface finish which allows them to last twice as long as an equivalent competitor's gear.

Power density differentiation.

The power density refers to the size load that a specific size component can bare. The gears in the Caterpillar power drives provide the greatest power density capacity in industry. The high power density capacity results from the fact that each design has been sufficiently adapted to fulfill the application requirements. The steels are selected from the gear steels developed by Caterpillar, where each one has specific content requirements and cleanliness of alloys. The gears are manufactured using exclusive processes that produce gears of a very high resistance and excellent durability.

Friction material.

Caterpillar designs friction materials to offer a reliable performance a reduce wear, to be used in a series of applications like break systems, steering clutches and transmissions. Whether the material is a Caterpillar exclusive paper or it is an elastomer, CAT disks are manufactured with excellent friction materials that Allow for an adequate oil flow, dissipate heat and reduce wear.

Rebuilding kits.

Caterpillar rebuilding kits include high quality original Caterpillar parts in a handy package. These kits are updated with the latest design changes, to ensure that you receive the adequate parts. Other companies offer generic rebuilding kits that include extra parts that the client just throws away. The Caterpillar kits include only the necessary parts required to carry out the repair.

The CAT rebuilding kits also improve the efficiency of the repair both in the dealer's shop and the customer's shop. The service technicians save time because they don’t have to look for a part number to order each part individually. This saves time.

Joint kit:

  • Transmission
  • Transfer gear
  • Torque converter
  • Clutch
  • Planetary
  • Crown

Bearing kit:

  • Torque converter
  • Differential
  • Final drive
  • Transfer gear
  • Transmission

Wheel drum rebuild kit:

  • Rebuilding before the breakdown.
  • Everything for the wheel drum (seals, bearings, joints, disks, friction plates and nuts and bolts)

Tractor rebuilding kits:

  • Planetary (before the breakdown).
  • Planetary (after the damage is done).
  • Steering clutch (before the breakdown).
  • Torque converter (before the breakdown).
  • Torque converter (after breakdown).
  • Final drive bearing repair.
  • Final drive seal repair.
  • Final drive (after breakdown).


Classic parts are used to substitute high cost selected parts that have a tendency to increase the overall cost of the component repair. Caterpillar offers them at a low price for Caterpillar machines that haven't been manufactured in the last 15 years or more. Classic parts are offered mainly when the age of the machine, the utilization, the application and residual value of an old Caterpillar machine requires a more economical solution. The objective of Classic parts is to provide the highest value possible to Caterpillar clients. Please contact us to find out how much you can save using Classic parts in your next repair.

For key models presently available, the Classic parts cover the following parts.

Final drives.

  • Pinions.
  • Gears.
  • Steering clutch parts.
  • Mallets and shafts.

Transmissions and torque converters.

  • Pistons.
  • Boxes and bearers.
  • Gears, shafts and yoke.

Remanufactured parts.

Remanufactured components for Caterpillar drives have been manufactured following the original Cat parts specifications to offer a performance and long life just like the new ones. The remanufacturing process builds in the latest design/level changes. This way we ensure that you get CAT remanufactured components that comply with the most recent performance specifications. CAT's authentic remanufactured components "have the same guarantee as the new ones".

Present offer.

Components (Mining and Heavy Construction Machinery)
Final drives 776-797, D7H-D11R, D8RII, 980C-994D, 824C-854G
Transmissions 769C-797, 980C-994D, 824C-854G, D8L-D11R; D8RII, 621E-657E, 16G-24H, Challenger 35-55, ADT 725,ADT 730
Torque converters 769C-797, 988B-994D, 834B-854G, D8L-D11R, D8RII, 24H
Brakes and steering clutches D8L-D11R
Steering control groups (pump and final) 5110B, 5130, 5230
Individual Parts
Wheels and truck bearers 776D-777D, 785-789B, 992C, 776-C, 777-C, 785-C 789-B, 793-B
Trucks reaction mallets 776B/C/D, 777B/C/D, 793B/C, 789B/C, 785B/C, 994D

Even more:

  • Axle end and final drive box.
  • Brake shoes.
  • Front suspension, wheels and brake groups for trucks.
  • Clutch plates.
  • Front axle end and 793 brakes.