Higher performance and low costs.

Caterpillar final drive and transmission parts work together to transfer power to the terrain and drive the CAT earth moving equipment in different applications and places all over the world. Caterpillar designs and manufactures drive systems with the highest quality in industry, and we work with you to get a better machine performance, offering original Cat parts for drives along with excellent maintenance and repair options right when you need them. The results are maximum productivity and lower operation and maintenance costs.

Superior quality drive parts.

Drive components must bear incredible torques, high impact loads and frequent changes in steering and gears. Caterpillar designs and manufactures transmission and final drive components keeping these conditions in mind, using confirming processes that simulate real world applications. The result is a drive system that last longer and works more throughout the life of the machine.

Two main components:

  • The transmission takes the power generated by the engine and manipulates it to control speed, steering and torque.
  • The final drive reduces the speed and increases the torque.

The drive has the following components:

  • Transmission.
  • Torque converter.
  • Transmisión axle.
  • Differential.
  • Final drive.
  • Brakes.