Assemble your hoses at Venequip and you will notice the difference:

  • Without any additional costs for assembling.
  • Guaranteed contamination control.
  • The best techniques for hose assembling.
  • Use of adequate tools to guarantee product quality.
  • Guaranteed and reliable conversion to CAT hoses.
  • Final product quality control.

Replace hoses immediately if your hose is:

  • Twisted, screwd, crushed or flat.
  • Cracked, corroded or worn.
  • With leaks.
  • With blisters.
  • Hard, staff or cracked because of heat.

7 Reasons for armed hoses to fail:

  1. Fatigue.
  2. Abrasion / External damage.
  3. Inadequate application.
  4. Incorrect assembling.
  5. Improperly installed.
  6. Use of the wrong tools.
  7. Incompatibility of fluids.

Remember to check all the necessary criteria at the time of replacing a hose:

  • Size: the inner diameter of the hose must be adequate to maintain the working pressure and avoid hose damages due to the excessive heat generation and excessive turbulence.
  • Temperature: to know the normal operating temperature of the hydraulic system.
  • Application: to have an idea about the working conditions and implement the cycle times.
  • Media: to know the type of fluid to be used.
  • Pressure: to know the maximum system operation pressure.
  • Coupling seats: correct identification of the coupling heads, the type of thread and the configuration.