Lower repair costs.

We understand that our clients don’t want to invest too much money in repairing old machines. CAT Classic Parts provide the cost savings for repairs without jeopardizing the trust that is implied in the Caterpillar brand and Venequip's service.

Centralized purchasing.

With Classic Parts, additional to Premium and Remanufactured parts, Venequip offers all the required repair solutions. You don’t need to shop around any more.

Parts supplied by the original equipment manufacturer.

Why trust any option other than the original manufacturer's in order to make a good decision on how to reduce spare parts cost? Avoid expensive trial-and-error type of situations in order to locate alternatives to repair your Caterpillar equipment. Choose CAT Classic Parts. Nobody knows more about the original design than whoever designed it to begin with.

Besides, Caterpillar periodically monitors the delivery of parts of our different suppliers in order to ensure that our clients are really receiving what they expect to receive.

Controlled quality.

The Morton Metallurgical Laboratory, located at the world distribution center, in Morton, Illinois, U.S.A., tests classic parts with the same standards and quality procedures as they do with Premium CAT parts.

CAT's standard parts guarantee

The Classic Parts product line consists of more than 1300 items fro more than 50 different CAT machine models, and keeps growing, all backed up by the same guarantee that supports standard Caterpillar parts.