Quality filtering and cost effective.

CAT's standard fluid filters offer quality features that others don’t. The acrylic separators prevent pleats from leaning one against the other. The continuous spiral fiberglass strap provides a higher stability of the pleats. A central nylon tube and an aluminum base plate to prevent contamination from metal oxidation. And molded lids to eliminate possible leaks.

For extremely dirty conditions or where the fuel contamination is a problem, you can obtain additional protection with advanced efficiency fuel filters. They are the most recommended for any application in earth moving jobs.

Make your standard CAT filters a regular element and a part of your preventive maintenance program. They are economical, easy to install and they are available at Venequip for all equipment models.

Trust the experts.

The preventive maintenance is one of the easiest and cost effective steps you can take to obtain the highest performance and value out your CAT engines. Please visit us at Venequip and ask for information concerning our CAT line of fluids, the preventive maintenance kits, the S.O.S. services and other products and services designed to maintain your equipment working properly at a lower cost.