Advanced Efficiency means more protection and maximum performance.

The advanced efficiency fuel filters are specially designed for the highest injection pressures and precision components using extra fine filtering materials to provide a higher small particle removal capability. The use of advanced efficiency CAT filters provides maximum performance, longer component life and lesser engine operation cost.

Trust the experts.

The preventive maintenance is one of the easiest and cost effective steps you can take to obtain the highest performance and value out your CAT engines.

Advanced efficiency fuel filters are only one of the products that we offer to help you keep your costs under control. Please visit us at Venequip and ask for information concerning our CAT line of fluids, the preventive maintenance kits, the S.O.S. services and other products and services designed to maintain your equipment working properly at a lower cost.

Availability and conversion factors.

Standard Efficiency Engine's Typical Application Advanced Efficiency
1R-0712 3176, 3400 1R-0749 (3176, 3400 HEUI)
1R-0715 3500 Machine 1R-0755
1R-0718 3500 Stationary 1R-0756*
1R-0740** 3116 MUI Truck 3300 1R-0750
1R-0740** 3114, 3116, 3126 1R-0759
1R-0740** 3116 HEX 1R-0753***
1R-0740** 3126 HEUI-MUI Truck, Marine, Industrial 1R-0751