Not all filters are the same.

Otros filtros pueden tener precios mas bajos, pero un vistazo más de cerca revela por qué proporcionan una protección significativamente menor. Con los motores, sistemas de combustible y sistemas hidráulicos sofisticados con los que trabajamos hoy en día, es un riesgo que Usted no puede darse el lujo de correr.

Advance efficiency fuel filter.

These filters will help prevent wear in the system caused by impurities in the fuel. Cat’s advanced efficiency fuel filters have a filtering material capable of catching very small particles. These filters are essential to maximize the life of the injectors and the fuel pump. They also prevent the start up difficulties due to premature wear on the injectors.

Standard fluid filters.

These filters are designed to maintain the system clean and are manufactured with the most demanding specifications, providing a higher yield at the lowest price.

Advanced efficiency hydraulic filters.

These filters provide a fine filtering that frees the system of contaminants and maintains the system clean. They should be used when hydraulics systems or transmissions must be opened to carry out some maintenance, service or repair, or when the particle count has reached an unacceptable level of small particles in the system. The advanced efficiency filters are standard in the transmission systems of some of the new machines, specially on those with tracks, where it is essential to protect the electronically controlled valves.