More filtering efficiency

The tight tolerances for engines require air cleaning systems that are highly effective, especially in environments where there is a great deal of fine dust or coal. The ultra high efficiency filters are characterized by having a unique filtering media with a very fine fibrous surface layer that improves the filtering efficiency.

These filters are designed for environments where:

  • Very fine dust particles represent a high percentage of the air contaminant.
  • Operating conditions with high soot content that have a tendency to clog regular filters after just a few hours.

Unique design for dust and coal environments.

All internal combustion engines are built with very small tolerances between moving parts. Any small particle that finds the way to penetrate between those two moving parts can increase the wear rate of the components. To be able to maintain a low emissions level and high performance requirements, the cleanliness is very important to try and keep very fine particles out of the engines and their components.

More efficient at the beginning, more efficient in total.

Filter manufacturers frequently say that “dirty” filters are more efficient than the new ones because the coating or accumulation of dirt will form a layer on the surface that will increase the filtering capacity. Designed with this concept in mind, the Ultra High Efficiency Filters are characterized by having a unique filtering media with a very fine fibrous surface layer that improves the filtering efficiency early in the life of the elements.

Here is how it works:

  • Fine particles will immediately accumulate on the filter surface, making it very efficient. As less dust gets to the engine, the better the fuel economy as wear is reduced as well as the maintenance costs.
  • The layer of fine particles accumulated on the filter surface is more porous than the filtering material itself, causing a lesser restriction over the life of the filter to increase capacity, engine performance and fuel economy.
  • Due to the fact that the particles are caught in the accumulation present on the surface of the Ultra High Efficiency Filters, the filtering media remains permeable for a longer period of time, unlike the filtering media on conventional filters, which will get saturated with dust all the way deep into the filter. This will cause the filter life to be longer and to provide a filtering efficiency 2 or 3 times better than standard filters.
Features Results Benefit

Immediate dust build up on the surface of the filter.

The dust layer is formed more rapidly.

The filtering media becomes efficient very rapidly.

Less dust is able to penetrate the engine.

Reduction in engine wear and better fuel economy.

Lower maintenance costs.

Low initial and global throughout the life of the filter restriction.

The engine breaths easily.

It requires less power to suck the air in.

Better fuel economy./p>

Better performance and power from the engine.

High efficiency initial filtering and high efficiency in general.

Less dust is able to penetrate the engine.

Reduction on engine wear.

High capacity of dust filtering.

The filter lasts longer and there are less filter changes.

Less chances of contamination during services.

Proven Performance.

The Ultra High Efficiency Filters were tested and compared with the 5 leading brands in dust and particles saturated environments. The test measured the capacity of the filter for sub-micronic particles. The capacity of the filtering media is the key to obtain the longest possible life of the filter, since, as the maximum capacity is reached, the restriction is incremented. The restriction of the air flow through an Ultra High Efficiency Filter was increased at a lower rate than in competitor’s filters. The low constant restriction offered by the Ultra High Efficiency Filters implies an improvement in the filtering capacity, engine performance and fuel economy.

The Ultra High Efficiency Filters are only one of the maintenance products that we offer in order to help you reduce your operational costs. To know a little more about how to optimum performance of your Caterpillar equipment, pleas call us or visit us for an evaluation.


Standard Radial Seal Ultra High Efficiency Radial Seal
6I-2499 132-7164
6I-2501 128-2686
6I-2503 132-7165
6I-0273 122-1674
6I-2505 122-1675
6I-2507 132-7166
6I-2509 132-7167
106-3969 132-7168
123-6855 132-7169
131-8822 134-0685
8N-6309 185-8786
- 156-9328*
142-1339 220-0453
142-1340 220-0454
165-1689 220-0455
Standard Axial Seal Ultra High Efficiency Seal
4W-5716 132-7170
4W-5228 132-7171
1W-3637 132-7172
9Y-7662 132-7173
*950 G Conical Filter for severe applications