This very resistant filter has all the exceptional characteristics of other CAT filters and much more. It provides up to 50% more capacity for a longer life and one-piece urethane lids for a more reliable seal with the filtering material. A more reliable seal allows for faster service without the need for tools.

Standard Radial Seal Filters have a special adapter ring that can be installed in almost all existing equipment. Once this ring is located in place, the installation is fast and easy, requiring less time for the routine maintenance activities.

A. Radial seal design.

No tools are required, therefore, the service times and maintenance costs are minimized.

B. Adapter ring totally made of steel.

Most of the new CAT machines leave the factory with radial seal filters already installed. This adapter easily converts older machines. It is easily screwed into position to accept the new design filter.

C. One-piece molded urethane lid.

A hard joint is formed, reliable and corrosion proof, with the filtering paper. Up to 30% more sealing contact, providing a seal much more reliable than the one found in conventional filters.

D. Densely folded filtering paper.

A larger contact surface provides a better filtering capacity without restricting the air flow.

E. Built-in pleats support and positive separation of pleats.

This avoids pleats leaning against each other and ensures the optimization of the filtering area.

F. Internal and external metal coating for heavy duty work.

It increases the structural resistance and durability.

G. External strapping of the filter with enamel.

Corrosion resistant.

Obtain 100% of your filter's life.

Use the CAT air filter service indicator to obtain an accurate and continuous reading to monitor how much life your filter still has. The readings are very easy to se and allow you to change the filter only when it is necessary. This way, you eliminate both the lack of service and the excessive service, and this yields the lowest cost possible per hour.

Conversion chart for standard / radial filters.

Old Primary Filter Old Secondary Filter Adapter Kit for Radial Air Filter Primary Filter with Radial Seal Secondary Filter with Radial Seal
7W5389 2S1285 6I3828 6I2499 6I2500
7W5389 8N4901 6I3829 6I2499 6I2500
7W5317 2S1286 6I3830 6I2501 6I2502
7W5317 9S9972 6I3831 6I2501 6I2502
7W5316 8N6883 6I3831 6I2503 6I2504
7W5316 2S1287 6I3830 6I2503 6I2504
7W5495 1P7360 6I3832 6I0273 6I0274
7W5313 1P8482 6I3833 6I2505 6I2506
7W5313 6N6444 6I3833 6I2507 6I2508
7W5216 7N1308 6I3833 6I2509 6I2510
7W9853 7W9567 106- 7122 106- 3969 106- 3973
4W5716 6N6067 106- 7120 / 111- 4376 106- 3969 106- 3973