Increase the life of the air filter.

The life of the filter is directly related to the amount of particles that are introduced through the air intake of an engine. When you install a CAT Turbine Pre-Cleaner as the first stage of the air intake system, you will avoid that most of the heavier particles enter the system.

This gives as a result a longer filter life, better fuel economy, better performance and lower maintenance costs.

Available for all CAT machines and many of the competitor’s, the CAT Turbine Pre-Cleaner is built from a nylon compound that offers the resistance of steel and the low cost of plastic. It is long lasting, impact resistant and chemicals resistant, and lighter than aluminum and steel, which makes it ideal for the most severe conditions.

How does the CAT Turbine Pre-Cleaner work?

The CAT turbine pre-cleaner is moved by the airflow to the engine, with centrifugal force, providing an action that eliminates particles before they enter into the air intake.

The air is taken through blades similar to a fan’s, and they are made to rotate at very high speeds by the impeller. Any contaminant, heavier than air that may be present, like dust, snow, leaves, wood particles or sand, are expelled allowing only the pre-cleaned air to enter the air intake.

  1. The air enters through the blades of the pre-cleaner.
  2. The curved particle accelerator rotates much faster than the air that enters: the particles are captured and expelled along the blades.
  3. The particles are deposited in the inner wall of the separation chamber.
  4. As the particle accelerator rotates, it sends the particles to the inner wall towards the release slots where they are disposed of.
  5. The clean air is collected, compressed and forced towards the air intake opening.

New design improves performance.

The new design of CAT turbine pre-cleaners improves efficiency and the system's aerodynamics. It is available for all Caterpillar machines. These high technology pre-cleaners are recommended for all the applications of diesel engines, including electronically controlled engines.

The design improvements include:

  • Hollow blades lead the dust particles to the internal wall .
  • The curved particle accelerator reduces the turbulence and increases the elimination of particles.
  • The dome shape offers a soft air flow transition.
  • The particle accelerator, suspended by its top part, allows for bearings to rotate more freely.
  • The blades in the internal wall help catch and eliminate the particles.

Performance advantages.

The CAT turbine pre-cleaner has been improved to provide a better performance and life at a lower cost. Some of the advantages include:

  • All kind of particles heavier than air are eliminated.
  • Reduces cost per hour of operation.
  • Greatly increases the life of the air filter and reduces maintenance stops.
  • Reduces general engine maintenance costs.
  • Improves fuel savings and machine performance.
  • Works in all climate conditions.
  • Reduces downtime.

Availability and support.

The CAT turbine pre-cleaners are only one of the products we offer to reduce your maintenance costs. To select the correct size and the identification of the right kits, please contact us at Venequip.

All of the installation kits are specifically designed to be installed instantly in most brands and models of industrial and off road equipment.

All necessary equipment required for the installation is included to ease the field work.

Please visit us to know more about the maintenance and service available at Venequip that can help you get the most out of your CAT equipment.