Get the longest life out of your CAT filter.

Changing air filters according to a pre-determined schedule can really cost money. When a machine is working in a clean environment, the filters will last a lot longer.

Changing filters too soon may result in unnecessary work and cost of filters. It can also increase the possibility that contaminant particles enter the engine’s system. On the other hand, in very contaminated air environments, the filters will surely have to be changed more frequently in order to ensure a full air flow as required.

The CAT filter service indicator has an easy to read indicator that shows the progressive air restriction caused by the dust and soot build up in the air filter. The use of this indicator allows you to change the filters only when they are really required and not sooner. The results represent lower costs for filters and an optimum engine behavior.

Filter change comparison.

6000 Service Measuring Units (SMU) – Clean Environment

Number of Changes
Without Indicator* With Indicator
Primary Filter
24 18
Secondary Filter
8 6
32 24
*Using 250 SMU and 750 SMU change periods for the primary and secondary elements, respectively.

With the CAT filter service indicator you can minimize the number of filter changes, reduce the cost of filters and maximize engine performance.

This image shows a normal reading when the filter element is not clean (readings vary with the design of the system).

As the filter element gets clogged with dust and soot, the indicator moves upward in the calibrated scale to show exactly the percentage of useful life remaining.

Here the reading shows that the filter is no longer allowing enough air to go through to the engine and should be changed because it has exhausted its useful life.

Help your engine to work at its full potential.

The air is a critical factor for the efficient operation of an engine. For every volume of fuel that an engine uses, it requires 1250 volumes of air. Your filter can retain a great deal of particles that are suspended in the air before it begins to restrict the air flow enough so as to notice a reduction in engine performance. Gradually, however, the filter gets full and must be replaced to ensure that the engine performs to full power.

Reduce the maintenance filter costs.

It is impossible to visually determine when a filter has run out of capacity. An element which seems to be full could still have hours of remaining life. On the contraire, one which may seem to be clean could be completely clogged with dirt and soot.

Also, a visual inspection can introduce particles into the engine.

The filter service indicator in your CAT filters gives you a pretty accurate evaluation about the condition of your filter, which will avoid changing the filter when it is not really required. This will save time and money.

The indicator remains in the highest reading position, therefore you can inspect the filter condition even with the engine turned off. ( many of the new Caterpillar machines come with this indicator already installed in the control panel as a part of the Electronic Monitoring System ). This way, you will be able to program you filter maintenance and reduce the time required for inspections. The results will reduce costs and downtime.

Trust our preventive maintenance services.

The CAT Filter Service Indicator is only one of the products we offer you in order for you to get the maximum performance out of your Caterpillar equipment.

We can help you install a preventive maintenance system for your operation and can supply you with repairs which are quick and cost effective when you need them. With our complete line of products and services for preventive maintenance, you can improve the productivity of the machines and manage and run your equipment at lower costs.