Air Filters

Standard radial seal filters

An inadequate air filtering system can reduce power, steal performance and eventually damage your engine. CAT air filters have a particular radial design seal that provides a better sealing and a higher ease of service than the filters with an axial seal. As the filter keeps the dirt, soot, sand and other contaminants from entering the system, Caterpillar Standard Radial Seal Filters will help you reduce your maintenance costs and the down time due to repairs.

Ultra high frequency radial seal filters

These filters are designed for environments filled with fine dust, soot, or both. CAT filters with a Radial Seal design and Ultra High Efficiency can last 2 to 4 times longer than conventional filters under these conditions.

Turbine type pre-cleaners

This air admission system separates particles allowing your air filter to function for a longer period of time in environments with large quantities of air suspended particles.

Turbine type pre-cleaners can provide 2 to 4 times more useful life for the air filter in a very large number of applications. They also minimize the number of services required by the air filtering.

Air filter service indicator

This indicator is very easy to read, and shows the progression of the air restriction caused by the accumulation of contaminants in its filtering element. The Air Filter Service Indicator allows you to know at a glance the portion of the filter that has been used, and therefore, the amount of life remaining.