CAT batteries are designed to ensure starting power. They provide a long useful life in all climates and in the most extreme applications in the world.

CAT PHO batteries (High Power Premium) are standard equipment in all machines and engine driven power generators. They are designed to accomplish the most demanding Caterpillar standards for vibration ( 5 times the industry’s standard), maximum total discharge and recharge, life cycle SAE J2185, housing strength, extreme temperature, high starting amperage in cold conditions (CCA) and amps-hour capacity.

PHO batteries are available worldwide in popular sizes as grouped according to the BCI size (Battery Council International) for both CAT equipment as well as other brands. This includes maintenance-free designs as well as those with low maintenance – available also in dry and wet configuration. The batteries selected according to the BCI group are offered for automotive, marine, recreational, on highway trucks and busses applications.

Our line of PHO batteries is clearly differentiated and provides the user with low possession and operational costs when compared with the competitor’s. Generally, our batteries should provide the user with a service-free life of at least 36 months.

General Service Line. A premium line of batteries for a wide range of applications.

The General Service Line is a Premium line of batteries that offers a wide variety of BCI and DIN group sizes ( Europe automotive ) for automotive applications, light trucks, commercial, industrial, high rate UPS, agricultural, marine and recreational.

These high technology batteries include Maintenance-Free designs, Low Maintenance types, as well as the valve regulated (VRLA-AGM and Gel), and are available in both wet and dry configurations.

The severe service batteries for high temperature are available with a silver (Ag) alloy and Calcium (Ca) mesh that provides an extended life for SUV’s, vans, and light trucks with high loads of accessories and high temperatures under the hood.

The quality of the General Service Batteries is monitored by Caterpillar with more than 250 inspection control executed, just like our PHO batteries.


You Caterpillar battery is manufactured for the most demanding applications, but it will eventually need to be replaced even if you follow the proper maintenance techniques.

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Truck Batteries

Three types of maintenance-free PHO Cat batteries allow you to select the correct battery for your application and driving conditions.

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