Venequip is a national market leader organization in the area of high quality products and services distribution, which satisfy the needs of several economical segments with a high level of excellence of great importance to the continuous development of the country.

We are an organization with people who grow in our job, who receive a fair recognition for its contribution to the achievement of the highest added value of our products and services.


To be an organization that maintains a leadership in the equipment and services market in all the segments where we participate. To have a solid support provided by the brands represented through products and services of the highest quality. With a good attitude towards change, an efficient organization and a team of highly qualified people who are fully identified with their customer’ s satisfaction, it possesses the culture, the structure, the conditions and the flexibility to participate and respond to the market’ s requirements.

Quality Policy

To provide its clients, both internal as well as external, present and potential, a service that satisfies or exceeds customer’s expectations in terms of quality, quantity, cost and opportunity.