A Bit of History

In a new expansion stage of its mother company (Venequip S.A), Venequip Curacao N.V took, as of September 2004, the great responsibility of becoming the Caterpillar dealer for Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, to provide technical and professional support to those who contribute day by day towards the development and progress of these islands.

Venequip is a Venezuelan organization, leader in the working equipment market, founded on July 12th, 1927, in a warehouse located in Caracas, at Matrices a Ibarra, in the Federal District, and functioning as an exclusive distributor for Caterpillar equipment under the name of International General Electric.

In the beginning the company only had 7 employees and the rights as Authorized Distributors for Venezuela of all Caterpillar heavy equipment. The company was involved in the distribution of electrical materials, but slowly, its products began to take an active part in everything related to construction, agriculture, cattle and the country’ s oil industry.

Simultaneously with the industrial growth and the development of all the economical activities of the country, General Electric began to participate more and more in the nation’ s progress: the first branch was opened in Maracaibo in 1935, and later, in 1950, the Puerto La Cruz branch was opened. Our branch in Barquisimeto was founded in 1956: Puerto Ordaz and Valencia in 1963, and later on, in Santa Bárbara, San Cristóbal, Acarigua, Guri and El Tigre.

In 1979, the division of Maquinarias Gevensa acquired its own identity under the denomination of Maquinarias Venequip, S.A., a subsidiary of General Electric, C.A. U.S.A. Likewise, in 1998 we changed our name to our present name: Venequip, S.A., with 8 branches, one sales point and 3 on/site operations and an office in Miami, Florida.

Since 1991, the Venezuelan businessman Carlos Bellosta begins to Chair Venequip and the National Management, moving to Valencia (Carabobo State). From there, all the operational logistics are coordinated and the directives are established that allow our company to develop and enhance its horizons with a constantly increasing market share, with the invaluable support of Caterpillar America Co., a Division of Caterpillar, inc., for the American continent.

Venequip has maintained an expansion policy in order to timely provide attention to its customer’ s needs, with a good response capability locally, capable of successfully gain potential customers and to provide them with a quality of service in accordance to the needs of each individual client.

Our company directs its strategies to adequately and efficiently provide services for the different economical activities that generate wealth in the country, the commercialization (sales and rentals) of Caterpillar heavy equipment, spare parts, maintenance services and repairs, equipment operations training and specialized technical support in all of its equipment lines. This way, VENEQUIP takes part everyday in the development process of Venezuela with its Caterpillar products, which are present in all productive areas of the country, as a result of a vast research that covers the needs of a constantly changing and growing market.

In September 2004, a first branch named Venequip Curacao N.V opened in Curacao (Nijlweg).

In 2009, our subdealer Aruba Industrial Services (A.I.S) opened its branch in Aruba (Barcadera).

In 2011, the last step was achieved with the opening of Venequip Bonaire B.V in Bonaire (Kaya Industria).